27 November 2008

Thankful for a Sibling!

Josiah (and the rest of us) have an extra reason to be thankful.

"Hmm... Why's everyone paying attention to this shirt?"

30 July 2008


This kid has amazed us with this puzzle. He has almost completely memorized the positions of the 45 pieces, he recognizes most of the states' names, he says quite a few of their names (Mississippi is a favorite), and he can put it together by himself if we tell him which piece he should place next. When we mention a state in conversation, he interrupts with a loud, "That's in the America puzzle!" Oh, and he says he will move to Africa some day. According to him, it's in Michigan.

28 July 2008


He wanted to go out in the pouring rain. I gave him a swim diaper and an old jacket to ward off the chill. He had a blast.

26 July 2008


Can you tell someone just woke up?

24 July 2008

He's Out!

22 July 2008


The boy asked me to make a duck. When I gave him a knife, he said "I cut the duck." This was the result. Jeremy is proud.

20 July 2008

Boy Teaches His Grandma How to Play

Watch this part carefully!

You need to play with utmost care!

18 July 2008

Playing It Safe

He wanted to watch fireworks. He wanted to like them. As the booms were wearing his bravado thin, he begged to watch from the car. Here, he's standing in his carseat, looking out the back window. In his words, "That is better!"

16 July 2008


So he's a goofball. What can we say?

14 July 2008

A Boy and His Grandpa

This kid adores all of his grandparents. (Probably because they adore him.)